Was “The Original Intent”

 Whose Divine Hand Was behind the Establishment of the United States of America and our Founding Documents.

It is required here to make a public pronouncement on the folly of American society. On topics, groups, or individuals, in their ignorance or lack of understanding on God and history endanger the United States of America. Or waste our precious time on trivialities, which in the divine scope of things, don’t matter.

In our entertainment driven self-centered secular culture, or as the Romans termed “Bread and Circus,” we have reached a point of absurdity in news, politics, and government. Yet at the same time continuing to mock and ignore the higher law, God’s Law, under which the country was founded.

Ignoring the Founding Fathers words of advice, blaspheming God and demonizing Christianity, we have blindly and foolishly plunged forth in to deep waters. God judges people and so too does He judge nations that turn against Him. Before that history is written, I feel it is my duty here to wake people up to the truth before it is too late. And yes, the hour is late, very late.   


Commentary on Howard Zinn and his books on history -  Website

Howard Zinn - What evils have you fostered upon society?

Commentary on the term “White Privilege.-  Website

White Privilege is a term more recently used by those in Progressives and Socialist movement with the intent to cause civil unrest and undermine Judeo-Christian values. Many commonly parrot the term, oblivious to the intent and consequences of their words and speech.

Review: Salon.com -  Website

The most constructive term I can use to describe the Salon.com website is “off plumb,” or leaning left two bubbles off plumb. In a word they are not on the level. "Progressivism" Robert V. Young Jr. wrote, "leads inevitably to utter irrationality and eventually political, as well as moral chaos." Irrationality Webster's 1828 dictionary defines as want of reason or the powers of understanding. In the case of Salon, they appear to understand and be deliberate in their articles being devoid of the journalistic questions of the who, what, where and why. Couched as perverse political entertainment, they create political as well as moral chaos.

One would do well in my opinion, to avoid this website as one would avoid the plague.

Article – Review: Solon Website  

Review: Election 2016 Presidential Polls - RealClear Politics List of Polls -  Website

Why Presidential political polling data is no longer relevant.

The accuracy of presidential polling data was in decline, but since the 2008 presidential election it has taken precipitous drop to where the numbers are not worth much more than a hill of beans.

What has changed? What has changed is Americans lack of trust in people and institutions. People no longer trust in government, politicians, or those in public office. Unfortunately many no longer trust law enforcement, especially the younger generation. Most don't trust assurances that their phone calls aren’t being recorded or their emails collected. When it comes to polling, many no longer trust the agenda behind those collecting the data, and if their opinions are labeled and stored for later use. Society today has become, well, "Orwellian" in nature.

There has been an unceasing pressure on people from the secular (godless) orthodoxy which includes the mainstream media, educational institutions, government, and often from fellow Americans on Americans into a forced compliance with right thinking (vs wrong thinking). Compliance often means submission to opinions that violate one's conscience on what is right and wrong, and of one's religious teachings (God's Laws). George Orwell in his book 1984 used the term "newspeak" or "Big Brother" is watching you.

The Net result (no pun intended) of this general lack of trust and forced orthodoxy is the knowledge that you can no longer publically, or even at times privately, express your opinions without fear of reprisal. This is why polling companies, especially in covering conservative candidates and issues, are finding that more and more people are no longer willing to answer polls. Thus the poll data is skewed and the numbers less meaningful.   

So where does one put their trust? The anti-religious establishment, or secular orthodoxy, is actually pushing more and more people, especially the young, into to seeking out God and the truth in His word. "Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths” (Proverbs 3:5-6). People don't always want to be told they are right, when they are wrong. They want and need that spiritual guidance and at times correction. A growing number of Americans want to see Christianity with its morals and virtues back in society, education, media and government as well.

Welcome to the Third Great Wakening, or depending on your view of American history, the Forth Great Wakening. Fear not but know that the first two Great Spiritual Awakenings were preceded by times of great political unrest followed by a great bloody war (Revolutionary & Civil) fought on American soil. In both conflicts, birthing biblical liberty in to the world and ending slavery, God's law was victorious. God doesn't care about polling data or even public opinion, only about the truth and fidelity to Him and His laws.

Article – Review: Election 2016 Presidential Polls  


Review: Keeping America Safe: National Security in the 21st Century - Organized by Charles Koch Institute -  Website

Manchester, NH 1-13-2016

John Stossel, host of "Stossel" on the Fox Business Network


Andrew J. Bacevich, professor emeritus of international relations and history, Boston University

Stephen Kinzer, senior fellow in international and public affairs, Brown University

Chris Preble, vice president for defense and foreign policy studies, Cato Institute

William Ruger, vice president of research and policy, Charles Koch Institute

It was a very interesting and lively discussion on history, national defense, and our military presence round the world. There was a great audience question and answer session.

However in speaking with audience members after the event the terms used were "missed the mark" or "out to lunch" regarding some of the foreign policy issues. China was listed as not a threat, nor will it be for many years. Two of the panelists agreed we should take in 200,000 Syrian refugees. No mention on terrorists that are already in the country. No mention of God in national protection. No mention in the people and country following divine law, which the Founding Fathers said would lead to happiness, liberty, national protection, and economy.

In general it was a biased but interesting secular public discussion of national security issues. For those who understand the spiritual dimension to our country's founding and in our national defense will find the discussion limited and frustrating.

If Charles Koch is really interesting in helping the country, in protecting our freedoms, nation security, and educating people on free enterprise, he would profit from educating people on what the Founders termed Republicanism. That is the Biblical basis of law, liberty, government, morals, and how people should conduct their lives. There is a reason why free enterprise flourishes in countries that respect God, His laws and commandments.

Article – Keeping America Safe: National Security in the 21st Century  

Review: TheSkimm.com -  Website

I was first introduced to TheSkimm.com from a local newspaper article on millennials. The news articles are short and entertaining. That is of course if entertainment is what you are searching for in news. Clearly the ramifications of the items covered will have no effect on you, your family or your country, which of course we know they do.

If you want to have your ego stroked and be entertained this is a great secular news site. On the other hand, if you really want to know what is going in the world this is a waste of time. Contrary to my opinion they are gaining more lemmings, I mean followers to their news feed.

If this only source of news for millennials, gosh I hope they don’t vote

Article – Review: The Skimm.com