Was “The Original Intent”

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 Whose Divine Hand Was behind the Establishment of the United States of America and our Founding Documents.


“The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules …”



Please note that the articles and links posted (in general) are noteworthy from the perspective of God and the spiritual divide in society today. Some postings touch on morals, liberty, government, and purpose of government. Others have been added including quotes to contrast a point or position. And on occasion I have added some commentary. The author/webmaster of God the Original Intent does not necessarily endorse or agree with every opinion expressed..


Welcome to the ongoing war between good and evil in the United States of America. Between those who choose to follow God's Laws and Commandments and the country's Constitution, and those who are at war with God. Oh! Mama the year of 2017 is off to one hell of a start with one battle after another.  rticles and links below …..

“Welcome to a world where truth no longer matters to an ever increasing number of the population.”

Higher Education Has a Professor Problem-What Impact Are Professors Having On Our Culture?  David Barton at the Pro-Family Legislators Conference Pt 4 - Wallbuilders Live 12/29/2017  -Hiring Practices of University Professors - That’s when Media Research Center, a second major study, was done on hiring practices of University Professors, and how they hire, and who they hire. And this is the way they characterized the study. You can see the study yourself, but this is their characterization of it. They said liberal professors admit they discriminate against conservatives. As the study went on and what they point out is, college campuses are the training ground for class warfare.

And conservatives have long complained of a strong liberal bias in college classrooms. Now left-leaning academics, this study was done by progressives, left-leaning academics confirmed that they would discriminate against conservatives according to a new study which will be published in the September edition of the journal of Perspectives on Psychological Science. Researchers asked, “whether in choosing between two equally qualified candidates for one job opening they would be inclined to vote for the more liberal candidate over the conservative.” One respondent wrote, “If the department members could figure out who was conservative they would be sure not to hire them.” ’-  Link to Website

The Family And Prophecy -Jan and Ed spent more than two hours in the company of this man they are sure was heaven-sent, and especially intriguing was a remark the mysterious man — well-attired, brilliantly well-spoken, and startlingly familiar with Jan’s book, Queen of the Cosmos) — made during a ride in his car between a Tokyo-area airport and Akita (where Mary allegedly appeared in the 1970s)

"And then, I felt in my body that Satan had placed his energy in me and with his power and began to tremble.  …

‘Unless the world becomes Christianized, there will be no more family life. Without family life, there will be no purpose to life on earth at all.’-  Link to Website

Top insider exposes 'Luciferian' origin of globalist empire - 'It's beyond detestable. It's actually radical evil' -“Luciferianism is a belief system that venerates the essential characteristics that are affixed to Lucifer,” he explained. “That tradition has been informed by Gnosticism, by Satanism, and it usually refers to Lucifer not as ‘the devil’ per se but as some kind of liberator, some kind of guardian, some kind of guiding spirit. In fact, as the true god as opposed to Jehovah.” …

Malloch identified many people in the E.U. hierarchy and in the Democrat Party as aligned with this belief. He explained how Lucifer is seen as a symbol of independence and of true human progress.

“Turning away from God and turning to Lucifer in order to enlighten yourself,” he summarized the creed.

Malloch said the leaked emails of John Podesta, as revealed by Wikileaks, contain powerful evidence there is something sick and wrong in America’s political class. - Link to Website